Online Retail is survival of the quickest.
How fast can you evolve?

Fleet for Magento virtually eliminates downtime and allows you to deliver new features faster & more reliably than your competitors.


Fleet eliminates hosting and code deployment headaches for your e-commerce store.

DevOps your Magento™ and start outmanoeuvring your competitors - today.

Fleet — The Magento Cloud 

How quickly can you adapt to new trends, threats and opportunities?

 Put a stop to code deployment nightmares

We’ve all been there.
A new Magento security patch or feature has been tested and is ready to be deployed to your production environment. That’s when the fear sets in.

Am I forgetting anything? Am I sure it’s going to be deployed to all of our servers at once? What happens if it breaks the site? How will the new code affect page load times? I wish our staging environment looked even remotely like production…

Fleet’s fully automated code deployment, simple self-service roll back and environment cloning eliminates these and a whole host of other worries. Finally, a smart hosting & deployment system — designed specifically for Magento — that you can trust to keep your store up and making sales, come rain, hail, wind or snow.


Fleet dramatically reduces the risk of outages and performance problems from damaging your brand — and losing you sales.

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Working on Fleet allows our engineering team to build features for clients while following the same workflow we use on our own internal tools. Our developers love it because they can clone a production environment and start writing code right away without having to do all of that fiddly setup work.

– Chantele Gibson (Director of Sales at SearchSpring)



Create, Deploy (And Destroy) Code Releases and Environments.
It’s Fast, Safe & And Transparent To Your Customers.




‘Git Push’ updated code in your version control system. Fleet will automatically prepare a ‘release’ (an immutable Magento application server image with your code baked in) ready for deployment.



A single command deploys the new release onto brand new, auto-scaling & self-healing application servers in one of your running environments—ready to take over from the old release.



Activating the new release involves directing the traffic from your previous release to the new servers, while seamlessly transferring each user’s active sessions. This all happens with zero downtime.

I trust the team at Anchor more than any other systems administrators I’ve ever worked with.

– Tom Preston-Werner, co-founder and CTO, GitHub


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Self-Service & Simple

Anchor’s DevOps engineers have automated the duties of traditional hosting operations teams, abstracting away the complexities of servers, storage & scaling, eliminating the pain-points typical of managed hosting services.

You only need issue a single command to deploy your Magento code into one (or more) clean, freshly built, n-tier, load balanced, highly-available, auto-scaling and Magento-optimized environments in minutes. Ready when you are. Perfect, every time.

Blue-Green Deployments

A common problem with the deployment of new code is the cut-over itself, taking code from the final stage of testing to live production without causing any downtime. It must also be quick and easy to roll back should you discover a problem once the code is live.

Fleet’s blue-green deployment approach solves these problems by ensuring you have two, essentially identical environments. Simply switch all user traffic to the “blue” environment, leaving the “green” environment idle, ready to be discarded — with no downtime.

Designed For Failure

The one key design principle of the cloud is that you need to design your application with failure in mind. The cloud’s distributed nature makes it more likely that infrastructure or network failures could impact your app, anywhere and at anytime.

With Fleet, we’ve re-architected Magento for the cloud so that it can take responsibility for its own availability. Your online store can survive even a massive outage, right up to the loss of an entire AWS Availability Zone — and you won’t miss an order.


 Blistering Performance

Fleet has been lovingly crafted to turbocharge Magento, with multiple caching layers for maximum performance. Varnish and Redis are enabled by default, while CloudFlare’s global CDN (optional) provides DDoS protection & ensures fantastic performance for your international customers.

USA, UK, Europe, China, Australia, Asia-Pacific or South America — we’ll deploy your store in the region of your choice. Your customers will enjoy low network latency for lightning quick page load times.

Immutable Environments

The rule of immutable infrastructure is that you should never change any part of your system once it is deployed. If you need to change it, deploy a new system. Replacing, instead of updating, makes deployments simpler, more reliable and prevents the slow rot of your code and systems over time.

There are many benefits to Fleet’s immutable design — roll backs are trivial, you can run multiple, production-like environments at will, auto-scaling is fast and code deployment problems eliminated.

 Auto-scaling & Self-healing

When auto-scaling or self-healing a failed server, time is of the essence. Other providers commonly have automated processes in place that take so long to build and ready a new server as to virtually negate the effectiveness of auto-scaling in the first place.

Fleet has solved this problem with its immutable infrastructure design & by pre-baking your code into build artefacts that can be brought into production in a minute or two, rather than the 10-20 minute wait you’ll experience elsewhere.

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Competitive advantage in e-commerce comes from innovation, speed of deployment and exceeding customer expectations.

Fleet allows you to deliver new features faster and more reliably than your competitors.

Fleet makes Continuous Delivery simple: you get automated code deployment and an immutable, self-service, auto-scalingblue-green deployment platform for Magento — right out of the box.


Monthly or Annual Plans.

Take the hassle out of Magento hosting.

Starting from around US$700 p/m.

Solve your scaling problems once and for all.

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